Andy is the the “no b.s.” head of production at Savilino. Back in the early days Andy learned on the fly to run a sewing machine alongside Chris as the dream of Savilino began to take shape. He now spends every day ensuring the high quality standards are met with each apron and leather item that leaves the shop.  He enjoys trouble shooting and finding solutions to any issue that arises as well as working with all the varieties of equipment needed to achieve the Savilino product.  He’s fun to work with and not afraid to keep it real when discussing ideas and processes!

Andy and Chris have been friends since the early 90’s.  He also has almost 25 years experience working for privately owned and corporate restaurants in about every position you can imagine.  He contributes a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the hospitality industry as Savilino strives to provide the best service and products to restaurants and hotels globally.