Step 1- Let’s Get to Know Each Other

We'll begin with a no charge consultation to discuss the time line, scope, products, ideas, and the design process for your particular project.

Step 2- Design

We specialize in incorporating elements of your concept into our designs. We use various features of your operation, e.g. building finishes and materials, color palettes, textures, and styles of  cuisine to inspire our creations. While we love beautiful  aprons, we believe their true purpose is to blend form and function.

Pockets and other job specific features are serious business to us. 



Step 3 - Source

Once we have designed your apron, it's time to start finding the perfect materials. We use high quality textiles that are milled here in the US, Japan, Italy, and across the globe. You may like our in-house fabrics, trims, and hardware, or we may need to locate something special just for you. Either way, we'll put together a design presentation of swatches, materials, and ideas for you to approve.

Step 4 - Produce

Well start by making the patterns per style, then well cut the pieces, and our team of sewing experts will assemble everything. All of our products are QCd by the most OCD people we could find. Once they give the green light - we'll ship them to you.