Custom Leather Goods work perfectly to solidify your branding and put the finishing touch on your table presentation.


Step 1- Let’s Get to Know Each Other

We'll begin with a no charge consultation to discuss your concept.
Well cover timeline, scope, and the design process for your particular project.

Step 2- Design 

This is our favorite part. Well work together to decide which options best represent your brand and create the perfect book for your establishment. We can customize your menus or books by using various colors, textures, stitch colors, logos, sizes, pockets, laser engraving, debossing, and inserts tailored to fit your paper specifications. There are two rounds of revisions included in this process.


Step 3 – Source

We stock leathers and hardware that are available on an on going basis, but can certainly accommodate special requests. Well work with our suppliers to source other options for you to approve. We stay on top of newly available leather so there are always a variety of choices to work with.


Step 4 – Produce

Cant wait to see it come to life? Neither can we. Time to cut, sew, brand it, and ship it! All done by our, ultra meticulous, expert team in Austin, TX.



Debossing is the process of using a stamp to press a design into the leather. The result is an indentation of the logo into the surface. The level of detail depends largely on the actual logo itself and how well it translates into die. 
Laser Engraving
This method is generally more precise and crisp than dobossing. The logo is actually burned into the leather. It tends to stand out more on lighter colored  leathers. Laser etchings have amazing high levels of detail and tend to be  a better choice for smaller and more complex logos.