We are working with school primary, secondary and higher education schools across the nation to help ensure these new changes are adaptable by all. 

Facing the Challenges Ahead

While the Country continues to fight against Coronavirus and overcome the challenges of getting businesses open and people back to work, we are setting our sights on the upcoming school year. It is our mission to help schools continue to educate our kids and young adults by providing the PPE our teachers and students will need to get back into the classroom.

We all need to prepare now. Parents need the peace of mind that their children will be safe returning to school, and our kids deserve the opportunity to continue to learn with their peers during these ever-changing times. It is up to all of us to do everything we can to ensure best practices are in place for the mutual safety of our students and educators.

Helping Those in Need

Covering Schools is a program we developed that is designed to make cloth face masks accessible to all schools, regardless of resopurtfces. 

It’s no secret all schools are not funded equally. Our program, Covering Schools, provides a special discount for all Schools, Colleges and Universities with a budget for masks and use proceeds to help provide masks to schools with little to no budget at all. Every child has equal rights be educated in a safe environment, and we are taking roll-call for all who can join us in our effort to help underprivileged kids get.

Why Masks Will Be Important

Minimizing the ability to pass or spread germs is essential. CDC Guidelines strongly encourage education and enforcement around mask wearing in schools. Both staff and students should wear masks particularly during times when social distancing is difficult.

Read latest CDC recommendations for schools


The Future of Mask Wearing

While we don’t know the future of COVID-19, Flu season is a real thing, and face masks will very likely play a new socially responsible role in future safety and minimizing the viral spread and sickness during high risk times.


What We Can Offer

● Two different styles of mask/choice in functionality and price

● A Special School discount on top of our bulk pricing rates

● Customization - your school colors and or logo available

● We have the ability to supply any size school or organization!

Contact us today to receive samples and start discussing face masks for your school or district. We are currently supplying a high and growing demand, starting the conversation today will ensure your needs are met in a timely manner.