Our mission is to be the global leader of kick-ass service industry wear, created for the best restaurateurs and establishments across all styles of cuisine, ambiance and service.
With decades of deep dives in the service industry life, Savilino brings three important convictions to bear on the experience in your place...


Savilino helps put the exclamation point on the look, feel, vibe of your establishment. We believe in paying homage to the people behind your vision, those who created all other aspects of the experience you want for your patrons. People will notice you have taken your place to the Nth by having your front of house / back of house staff wear and use goods that tie it all together!


Savilino understands the tools of the service industry and how they are used by our clients. Length, width, gender, number/placement/size of pockets, and who does what, are all attributes that must be taken into account when creating fully functional aprons. We create designs that fit for optimal functionality while looking bad ass cool.


Savilino doesn’t mess with cheap materials or slacker effort. You have invested in making your place THE happening spot with quality food, service, and ambiance. We believe we must match or exceed your standards. We source the optimal durable, quality/value material and goods available and everything is handmade in Austin, Texas with strict quality guidelines by the best sewing technicians anywhere!

Chris Savittiere

Chris is a 25+ year veteran of the hospitality industry who started his career washing dishes, moved into serving and bartending, and ultimately into managing high-end restaurants and hotels. Throughout his life Chris dreamed of being in the design industry. His creativity, persistence, and high energy approach to life drove him to soak up as much knowledge as he could. He developed his love for making clothes when apprenticing for a leather designer in the mid 90's. He also made Mardi Gras costumes for himself while living in New Orleans. When Hurricane Katrina forced him out of town, Chris made his way to Austin. He earned an apprenticeship that turned into a tailor position at a high-end department store where he fine-tuned his clothing construction and alterations’ skills. Chris’ designs, pattern-making, leather craftsmanship, and sewing expertise led him to start his own custom design business.
In 2011, Chris had the opportunity to work with a local restaurant’s team, designing uniforms and aprons for their staff. The restaurant was a hit and the uniforms got a lot of recognition. Things began to take off and Chris started worked with all the best restaurants in Austin. He decided to form Savilino, a business that paired his love for the service industry and passion for design. His uncompromising quality standards, friendliness, and commitment to having fun also contribute to Savilino’s success. Since then, Savilino has partnered with top restaurants and hotels all over the country. His dream has now grown bigger and Savilino is poised to serve the industry globally.