Ready-Made & Custom Aprons

Ready-Made & Custom Aprons

Ready-Made & Custom Aprons

Ready-Made & Custom Aprons

Ready-Made & Custom Aprons

How to Order

Aprons reflect your brand’s personality and at Savilino we understand every brand and person is different, that’s why we offer different options for you and your staff. Portray your brand’s image or customize your personal apron design. Savilino covers all styles and working conditions.

Ready-Made Aprons

Order from our shop and automatically get wholesale pricing on 20 units or more when added to the cart. This is the easiest and fastest way to get a great deal on our ready-made styles. See our FAQ's for more information on quantities.

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Customized Aprons

A Customized Apron is any of our Ready Made Aprons modified to better fit your branding needs or overall aesthetic. This can include customized materials, colors, hardware, logos and much more. Minimum 20 units. Lets us know how we can help!


Bespoke Aprons

We specialize in designing custom aprons. You will work directly with our head designer to create an apron that meets all your needs from style to function. There is very little we can't do. Contact us and we will get back to you within 24 hrs to schedule a free consultation.




  • Our policy is a minimum of 20 units per style for wholesale pricing. We will make exceptions when you purchase 20 units of one style and a minimum of 12 units for an additional style. You will need to call or write us and we will assist with this type of order.
  • The same policy applies to Customized and Bespoke aprons.
  • Lead times for production of bulk orders is 2-4 weeks. This does not include transit times. Sometimes more time is needed for larger orders. In these cases we will reach out to you to discuss our production schedule. We will work with you to give you product as quickly as possible, even if it means producing in multiple batches. Rush orders are an option for additional fees.
  • The lead times for design work depend on the scope of the project, client feedback and communication. We will discuss objectives and timelines with you during your consultation and subsequent meetings, and ensure a schedule that meets any necessary deadlines.

Yes we do charge modest design fees to gather ideas, create the artwork, and present them to you. We charge by the hour and will quote you up front for design time after your initial free consultation. Cost for designs depends on the scope of the work needed. If it takes us longer than we anticipate, we will not charge for additional time unless you ask for sevices not discussed at the time of the quote.

  • Step 1: Free Consultation - We will discuss all the variables, quantities, and timelines of your project, and exchange as much information as we can to answer all of your questions as well as ours.
  • Step 2: Design Phase - We will provide digital renderings, swatches, and samples as needed, and stay in communicaton with you to make edits and dial in your design until it is ready to be produced.
  • Step 3: Materials Sourcing - At this point your part of the job is basically done while we find and order all the necessary materials to produce your items.
  • Step 4: Production and Delivery - Finally, we produce, quality check, and deliver your items according to our agreed upon timeline.

A consultation can last 15 minutes or up to an hour. We will establish the scope of your request and discuss options based on your needs. The goal here is to set us up for next steps if you decide to move forward with us.

Savilino offers plenty of choices for both comfort and style! From classic denim and canvas to sleek leather and vinyl, there's an apron for every chef (and mess!). Explore our collection and find your perfect match.