For the last 10 years we have been a very small crew with a handful of dedicated artisans custom designing and manufacturing aprons, uniforms, and leather goods for some of the finest restaurants and hotels across the country. It has been an honor to work with visionary entrepreneurs, chefs, and staff on so many wonderful projects. Thanks to all our clients for entrusting us with that privilege!

With the outbreak of COVID-19, our business came to a screeching halt as many of our clients struggled to stay operational. Our hearts go out to them, as the future is uncertain for all of us. 

Amid public health mandates to keep us all safe, we thought about how we could help and refocused our tailoring expertise to handcraft non-medical fabric face masks. This allowed us to keep our little shop open and our team working. 

Little did we know the gravity of the situation or the scale at which we would be able to assist. 

We have expanded our team to add an army of master sewers working in our shop and at home to produce masks and other items that might be needed to help maintain the safety of our friends and family in the communities we all call home.

Besides making these much needed items, it is our goal to do more. We want to give back and allow you to do the same. It is our mission to promote public safety, provide donations to those in need, and connect you to others doing good in your communities.

We believe it is through struggle and hardship that we are given the option to choose a truly meaningful and impactful life. We have realized a greater purpose to serve and thank you for your support and entrusting us to keep you safe and healthy. 


Living is a craft we're always refining,

Savilino & Crew