We are partnering with universities across the nation to provide custom programs to fit their needs. We would love to see how we can help your school. 

Programs: Giveback campaigns to support college newspapers; Custom (student designed) masks that represent their culture to support their school; National .Edu discounts; Special bulk pricing; Unique customized programs per school needs.


Givebacks, Custom Branding & Bulk Pricing

Designed to help administrations assess their needs and ensure the necessary provisions arrive on time for the coming school year.

Our Programs

  • (Don't) Stop the Press campaign — giveback programs helping support university newspapers 
  • Custom colors, embroidery and screen printing
  • Special bulk discounts (Pricing PDF)


National .Edu Discount

15% off — Register with your .EDU email to save. This can be used as many times as needed for yourself and your families. 

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How can we help your school? 

Note: we have found that due to the unique needs of each school,  programs and bulk pricing is specialized on a per need basis. If you don't see a good fit above lets talk about what will work best for you.