I represent a business or organization. Can we have our logo put on our masks?
Do you have a mask with a filter pocket or a metal wire on the nose?
  • Currently our masks due not have a filter pocket. 
  • However, all of our masks meet CDC and WHO standards for cloth face masks. The cut of the mask contours the face to provide a maximum comfort, snug fit and does not require a metal wire.

Do your Ear Savers work with the Premium Masks?

  • No, our premium masks have elastic that goes around the head and neck, which already saves your ears!
  • Our Ear Savers are for our Value Masks and for any other over-the-ear masks you might have.

My package has not arrived yet. Where is it?

  • If you have questions about your package’s location, please use your Route+ shipping tracker or contact the shipping provider that you chose at checkout. Your tracking information as well as your Route+ tracking number will be located in your shipping confirmation email. The shipping service should be able to provide you with the whereabouts of your package.