Menus, Check Presenters, and More

Leatherwork is a large part of what we do. We've crafted leather menus, check presenters, knife kits, coasters, bar tool kits, hotel door hangs and much more. Some clients choose from standardized items while others go totally custom. Reach out to us with your ideas and let's see what we can do for you.

we're here to help.

every step of the way.

1. Design

After an initial consulting we provide digital renderings and/or physical samples of our designs for approval.

2. Select Materials

Once the design is finalized, we work with you to select the best materials and hardware for your project

3. Cut and Click

The leather and other materials are then cut and prepared for assembly and sewing.

4. Deboss, laser engrave, or foil

We can add a logo to your designs by debossing, laser engraving, or adding a foil finish to them. Find out more in our FAQ.

5. sew and assembly

All of our leather goods ar sewn right here in our Austin, TX, studio.

6. hardware

Once everything is assembled and sewn, we add the finishing touches - screws, rivets, straps, etc.

7. Quality Control

Everything is checked for quality. We make sure it meets our high standards before we send it to you.

8. Delivery

We pack and ship or deliver your new pieces. They're yours!

Still hAVE some QUESTIONS?

Here's a few we get often...

Step 1: Free Consultation - We will discuss the type of leather item/s you need, paper specs, leather types and colors, logo options, etc...anything we need to review together to get a design ready to show you.

Step 2: Designs/Mockups - In almost every case we will need a logo file in vector format so we can provide mockups and confirm logo size and placement. We can also send you leather swatches and samples when needed.

Step 3: Materials Sourcing - We will order the leather, along with any hardware or other materials needed to make your item.

Step 4: Production and Delivery - Finally, we produce, quality check, and deliver your items according to our agreed upon timeline.

There is a minimum opening order of 20 units per style. For re-orders the minimum is 12 units per style.

We keep our margins slim in order to give you high quality handmade items at an affordable price. We do not offer a lot of additional price breaks as all of our goods are handmade in our shop in Austin, TX.

That being said, we will offer some additional discounts starting at 100 units or more per item.

The lead time for all orders is 2-4 weeks. This does not include design time for a new product. The time it takes to finalize a design varies depending on how fast we are able to communicate back and forth and make decisions.

Check Presenters generally range from $20-$35ea. The lower price for a standard leather booklet, with the higher being for a combination of wood and leather.

A menu will range generally from $35 for a clean simple book, to $75 for larger or more complicated menus.

While these prices are pretty safe ranges, there are always exceptions with custom requests.

In some rarer cases, there may be a setup fee for custom cutting dies or special requests that require additional tools.

All prices include your logo debossed or engraved, but for debossing there will also be a one time fee to order the debossing stamp. That price depends on the size of the stamp. Additional labor fees apply for debossing with foil.

Debossing is the process of using a stamp to press your logo or design into the leather. There are some limitations with finer details. Some images may need to be scaled to properly show more intricate parts of a given design.

Laser engraving will burn the image into the leather. For really fine details, this is the best option. Laser engraving can capture an image exactly as it appears.

With both processes there is no way to specify a color. The only way to do that is through using a hot stamp and foil with the debossing process.


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