Three Ways to Get Uniforms

From sourcing to customizing your uniforms, at Savilino our
creative team is excited to work with you to customize and shape a distinctive look
for you and your staff. Pick from our three ways to get your uniforms.

Uniform Sourcing

Simply put, we can be your one-stop-shop for your entire uniform. We will source the items you need, purchase them for you at our discounted rates, and sell them to you at normal price. We can also help design your look and pair it with our aprons or other custom items. Think button down shirts, t-shirts, ties, hats, embroidery, screenprinting, etc. This is a great way to keep things simple on your end and let us do all the heavy lifting.

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Customized Uniforms

When the off-the-shelf uniform items just aren't good enough, we will alter them to create a more custom look. We can make edits like shortening sleeves, changing out buttons, removing collars, adding stitching,etc. This is a great intermediate and affordable solution between a standard and custom uniform.

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Bespoke Uniforms

You will work with our head designer to create custom uniform items for true one-of-a-kind looks. We will design the garment or accessory, create the patterns, source the materials, and make them to spec in our shop. We can help guide you toward the most economical path to a fully custom look.

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still have some questions?

Lead times will vary depending on which route we take. Please note that for each option listed below there is time involved in designing and making final decisions before anything can be ordered or manufactured.

Uniform Sourcing - In many cases we can get uniforms to you within a few days to a week of ordering especially when we are shipping within states that have warehouses for the companies we work with. We will order and have the items dropped shipped directly to you. Time will depend on availability of the items needed, but we usually check stock levels in advance of any suggestions we make to you. Your maximum wait is usually not more that 2 weeks if we are sourcing from companies outside of our usual partnerships.

Customized Uniforms - If we are altering a uniform item in house this can usually be done within 1-2 weeks of ordering. When we are screen printing or embroidering this will usually take 2-3 weeks since we partner with other companies and will need to work with their timelines as well.

Bespoke Uniforms - Lead times for custom uniforms will be on a case by case basis depending on what items we are making and their quantities. A safe estimate would be 1-2 months once all decisions have been made. We will work closely with you to make sure all deadlines are met.

Yes we do charge design fees. We charge by the hour but will quote you up front for design time after your initial free consultation. If it takes us longer than we anticipate, we will not charge for additional time unless you ask for sevices not discussed at the time of the quote. A lot of work goes into coming up with ideas, sourcing items, and putting together presentations, but we keep our fees affordable as our goal is to work together, not create barriers that will scare you off.

Our Policy for all orders is a 20 unit minimum initial order with 12 units for re-orders. For Bespoke uniforms, the individual price for an item may be higher at lower quantities due to higher cost of materials when we purchase lower yardages. We do, however, have creative ways of working with you when employing a longer term strategy for custom uniforms.

We will start with a free consultation to detemine which approach best suits your needs. This is commonly a 30 minute phone call or video chat, sometimes longer if needed. We'll discuss the timeline, design direction, care for the garments, and budget. Once we have a plan in place we will begin to put together options for you to consider.

For "Sourced" and "Customized" Uniforms:

The first thing we will do is build a presentation with items we think will fit the direction you give us, along with availabilities, estimated pricing, etc. In the event you are not sure what you want and need help figuring it out, we will assemble 2-3 different looks for each position and present them for us to discuss. From here we dial it in together to come up with the best solutions. If we decide to customize an item, we will make renderings to highlight the changes we will make to the garment and provide a quote for the additional work.

For "Bespoke" Uniforms:

This presentation will show inspiration images and garments along with renderings, possible fabric choices, cost estimates, etc. We do all the work, but will depend on you for reliable communication and feedback regarding the options we show you. There are usually a few presentations needed to finalize a design. After that, we will sample the items for you and, once approved, will go into production. It's important to mention that the timeline for production can be decided prior to finalizing designs as long as we stay on top of decisions leading up to production dates.

Production times will vary depending on which route we have taken and quantities needed.